Sage Belber has been making jewelry since 2001. She started by selling her work at Farmers' markets. She now can be found at a number of artisan shows in the New England area. Check the Events page for where to find her next.


Artist Statement

Sage's pieces are often the product of a search or a challenge to answer a question: How can thread become part of a finished piece and not just a stringing material? Can she make the most delicate piece, that offers texture, shine, sparkle, a reference to nature and can be worn in comfort and offer beauty to its wearer as well? How can she provide a necklace that can be worn in m​any ways? Can many tiny necklaces be worn together to create a big statement?  Can she braid, crochet or weave chain and integrate it seamlessly into her work? Will she be able to use tiny segments of silver wire to make a strong attachment for her precious metal clay pieces, therefore creating a simple and elegant look? 

It is in the answers to these questions that Sage often finds herself making the jewelry that defines a collection. Her latest jewelry explores silk crochet with gemstones. In this work she strives to create an organic flow of stone and silk texture. Concurrently, she is creating pieces made from precious metal clay and lost wax castings from models she has carved in wax, both of which incorporate themes from nature - such as leaf shapes, symbolizing the growth and regeneration and circles which symbolize the cycle of life. Always organic, often delicate, Sage uses her materials to create jewelry work that flows in design, preferring soft delineations rather than abrupt demarcations. Sage’s jewelry is elegant and simple, and sometimes very subtle, drawing the viewer in: a rough diamond might glint in the light on a delicate chain, the fine detail and texture of a crocheted piece might require a closer look. Herein exists the latest fruition of exploration and thought, a new collection of beautiful jewelry by Sage.

Exchange & Return: Within One Month, with proof of purchase, customer will receive a credit or refund for purchase 

Repairs: Damaged Jewelry can be exchanged for a SBJ credit, which diminishes 10% with each month after purchase.

Sage can no longer guarantee restringing of her jewelry.